iOS 14

After a bit of time thinking if I should do it, as I no longer have a developer's account, I dove right in and installed the latest version of Apple's system for the iPhone.

I was getting annoyed with the memory management on iOS 13, that kept forcing apps to relaunch every time I switched apps, pages reloading with no reason, and the camera failing on my almost every single time I tried to get a shot of something, so I thought I couldn't be much worse than that.

So far it's stable, works nicer than iOS 13, and that is reason enough to be happy.

I have an issue with one of my shortcuts, the one I use the most, can't launch it from the widget, but it's now on the homepage and working fine again. It's beta 1 dev edition, so some things are supposed to not work, right ? Anyway, a very small issue.

Everything else I need is working brilliantly:, Mastodon clients, Twitter, browsers, RSS reader, the works.

I'll post again in the future, but so far I'm thrilled to have the phone working better.

Still have to find how to set Spark as my main email client (is that already a thing ??) but it's also not a big thing.