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CarPlay has wallpapers now. Looks nice.


Always looking for a new stuff to play with is part of what I do. I love finding apps, and services, and trying them out.

At the moment I'm enjoying Mastodon a lot, refreshing when you come from Twitter, and I already found the app for it on iOS, Toot!. It works, has a lot of features I like, and I'm happy with it. I do most of my tooting from iOS.

On the desktop things were a bit sketchy, and I actually used the stock Mastodon site, as I haven't yet found a nice app for it. There's Mastonaut, but I've not been ready to commit to it. There's also Pinafore, a nice one, works great on the browser. Others exist, but I can't seem to force myself to use them. Somehow, I always end up going straight to the mastodon view.

And today, out of the blue, I came across toot.

Toot is a CLI and TUI tool for interacting with Mastodon instances from the command line.

CLI is a magical expression, things look geekier in the command line, and we like geeky stuff in this house. Thankfully it's available in Homebrew, so I can use that in macOS, as well as on my Manjaro install.

It's very complete, you can do a lot with it.

Multiple accounts are supported, and you can toot, boost, favourite, delete, search, pin, follow, unfollow, get details about your account, other accounts, the list goes on.

There's also a TUI, and good looking one too.

Installation is very straightforward, and you'll be tooting from the command line in no time.

Thank you Ivan for creating this one, I know where my toots are coming from now on.

Fun retro day

cool-retro-terminal is a nice terminal emulator app with a lot of cool... well... retro looks.

If you also install bucklespring, you're set for double fun.

Safari Technology Preview

Safari Technology Preview gives you an early look at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS. Get the latest layout technologies, visual effects, developer tools, and more, so you can provide input on how they are implemented and deliver a best-in-class user experience on all Apple devices.

Get it here.

iOS 14

After a bit of time thinking if I should do it, as I no longer have a developer's account, I dove right in and installed the latest version of Apple's system for the iPhone.

I was getting annoyed with the memory management on iOS 13, that kept forcing apps to relaunch every time I switched apps, pages reloading with no reason, and the camera failing on my almost every single time I tried to get a shot of something, so I thought I couldn't be much worse than that.

So far it's stable, works nicer than iOS 13, and that is reason enough to be happy.

I have an issue with one of my shortcuts, the one I use the most, can't launch it from the widget, but it's now on the homepage and working fine again. It's beta 1 dev edition, so some things are supposed to not work, right ? Anyway, a very small issue.

Everything else I need is working brilliantly:, Mastodon clients, Twitter, browsers, RSS reader, the works.

I'll post again in the future, but so far I'm thrilled to have the phone working better.

Still have to find how to set Spark as my main email client (is that already a thing ??) but it's also not a big thing.

Password Managers

By now everyone should be using a password manager. I've been singing this 'By Now' song for years, and still some friends of mine are using shitty passwords, and sometimes even the same one on multiple sites! It baffles me!

I've been a 1Password user for a loooong time, but last year I decided to give bitwarden a try. It works everywhere, and I mean everywhere!

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Tor
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Vivaldi
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Microsoft Edge
  • iOS
  • Android
  • CLI
  • And a Web View!


And it's free! If you'd like a few extra features, or just to support development, there's a $10/year Premium version, and I think you should really pay for that one, even if you don't need the extra stuff.

bitwarden is open source.


If you feel Tor Browser is not enough, and want to keep your whole computer secure, you can always run Tails off a USB stick.


Shut down the computer and start on your Tails USB stick instead of starting on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Tails leaves no trace on the computer when shut down.

It, of course, features Tor as default browser, but everything else on the system goes through the Tor network as well and, as soon as you shut down (or remove the stick) nothing is left on our computer.

Tails is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Get it here

Tutorial on how to install coming up next.


A service everyone who enjoys privacy should be using: Tor.

Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance. Circumvent censorship.

Tor Browser is available in Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. Get it here.
iOS users can get Onion Browser.

Let's see how this works out.
Link to myself

I’ll have to get that SSD back here soon, I’m missing my Manjaro a lot.

Little did I know that I'd be spending four months (now and counting) before we went home again.